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American Slide Chart/Perrygraf creates inter-active print. While our static images convey some information, the videos here illustrate more of what our products can do you for.
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Mule-Hide Low-Slope Roofing Maintnance and Repair Solutions Slide-Chart

Mule-hide is the most trusted name in low-slope roofing. They use this multi-page quick reference guide to spot problems on various roofing systems. You look for your type of roofing system, then set the indicator to the problem or need. You view the recommended products in the window below. You can search maintenance and repair solutions in three ways, by roof problem, roof type or product. Mule-Hide customers have relied on this slide-chart since 2004!

Tirion Planisphere-Star Wheel Chart

American Slide Chart/Perrygraf worked with Explore Scientific to create a Planisphere for amateur astronomers. This three disk wheel chart is printed on plastic. You turn the inner wheel and select the local time and date. One side of the wheel shows the stars and constellations that are visible above the southern horizon, while the other side shows what is visible above the northern horizon. Both sides of the wheel have latitude lines which you choose to match your location. 


Sun Power/Hooked on Solar Direct Mailer

American Slide Chart/Perrygraf was asked to create a slide chart direct mail piece for Sun Power. The user received this in the mail. Once opened they would pull the slide and see what their savings were if they went with solar power. Sun Power used Uncle Pennybags from the game Monopoly to illustrate the savings.



Spear Technology

Deuster came to American Slide Chart/Perrygraf to help create a 3-dimensional telescoping slider for Gyro/Data to be used as an introductory piece to illustrate their new OMEGAX™ SPEAR Technology.



Thomas Construction

Thomas Construction adds a POP to their message using our rubber band activated house. The mailer folds flat to reveal an unexpected dimensional burst when removed from the envelope.



Slow Motion Calendar Pop-Ups

Pre-printed stock Pop-Ups are an affordable branding option, with two imprint areas for logos and contact information.



American Farmers Counsel

This milk carton pop-up had a powerful impact on organizations that distribute milk. Their message: Keep milk at 35 degrees so that this nutritional drink is not only cold but, safe to drink.



6 x 3 Inch Pop-Up House with Business Card Cut-Out

Pop-Up Houses can be customized to include a business card cut-out for real estate agents; churches, with schedules and events; any number of designs with promotional or marketing information.



DPH Syring Services Pop-Up Billboard

We developed this rubber band activated counter-top Pop-Up for the Connecticut Department of Health as part of their promotion for the “Syringe Service Program” which they offer to the general public.



Spot, Sagent's K9 Patient Safety Ambassador

American Slide-Chart / Perrygraf is proud to present Sagent Pharmaceutical’s “following eyes” Direct Mail Piece. Sagent is known for their innovative PreventIV Measures Packaging and Labeling that may help reduce the risk of medication errors by providing a unique label and carton designs. Their piece featured SPOT, Sagent’s K9 Patient Safety Ambassador, capturing an optical illusion theme. Check out how Spot has got his eyes on you.



Saf Holland Neway LSZ Truck Suspension Brochure

We designed a 12-page booklet to assist Saf-Holland/Neway in introducing their new LSZ truck suspension system. The brochure contains several interactive slide, wheel and pull-out features that demonstrate the system’s features and benefits.



New Holland Combine

“Food and Fuel in Every Harvest” New Holland utilized two different formats of the same Fold and Glue—direct mailer and publication insert—to advertise their equipment and service.



Channel Seed Football Cube

A 4 inch Cube Pop-Up, with windows, optimized Channel Seed’s area for promotional copy for the “Ag Bowl” in Iowa. The eye-catching imprint on the envelope increased the chances that it would be pulled out of the “mail pile” and opened.



Conservation Foundation Direct Mailer/Pop-Up

American Slide-Chart/Perrygraf created a 3 dimensional fold out mailer for The Conservation Foundation with a information sheet to remind the 5,000-member audience about the foundation’s initiative.



Sigma Marketing Ryder Truck Puzzle Wheel

We created for Ryder Truck a Puzzle Wheel which came jumbled, the end user had to rotate the wheels to create the image of Ryder Trucks in a dock.




Hussman Magic Window

Hussmann used the Magic Window format to create a mailer highlighting new ways to present food for grocery stores.



"Perf N Pop" Dimensional Greeting Card

Appeal to the fun-loving kid in every customer with our colorful Perf-n-Pop dimensional, which can be released from its backing card to stand up on a desk, table, or bookshelf.




Get A Life Printek Mailer

PrintTek partnered with OB Hospitalist Group to create this "exploding" mailer that highlights their services.



Mini Cooper Roof Design Generator

This lightweight wheel chart is one of a series that we developed for Mini Cooper’s marketing campaign. The wheel turns to display 16 different aerial views of roof graphics, and their names, in the die-cut windows of the wheel chart.




Greeting Card/Informational Pamplet

Greeting Card that can be utilized for Holidays, Wedding Invites and a multi-fold informational pamphlet.




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